I’m positively giddy!

Looky, looky, looky! I found this box on my doorstep !
Lindiepindie sent it to me in exchange for some things I sent her (most of which would probably have been considered trash by the insanely neat and organized amoungst us!)

And, no, it wasn’t a box of diaper trash bags!

It was this…

and this!!!

The box still had the pleasant fresh odor of baby powder. The cards are even more fabulous in person than the camera shows! Amazing. And I have wanted that diaper bag pattern forever (but was too cheap to buy it). And the messenger bag too!

Heehee! I think I need to go find a paper bag now… I’m hyperventilating.

Thank you, Lindiepindie!!! Your generosity overwhelms and awes me!


6 thoughts on “I’m positively giddy!

  1. I’m so glad it made it! And I can’t believe it still smelled like baby powder…it’s because I’m a tape freak. I tape boxes up so good, I’m sure it sealed the smell in. At least it didn’t smell like an actual diaper pail. :o)

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