I don’t normally like to expose my chaos but I’m making inroads into exposure since showing you my crafting area. This is one of my knitting bags (yes, part of the chaos is that I have 3 bags and several baskets).
MC bought this bag for me (our last anniversary I think). It doesn’t have much room inside yet I still manage to cram all sorts of goodies in there… have a look!
Chaos strikes again!

I organized it! That should last all of … nope, it is already back to its normal chaotic state. Ha!

4 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. I’m finding the more that I share on my blog, the more I want to share. Keep it coming. Once it’s all out in the open, maybe the healing can begin. You sure can fit a lot into a bag! Having my knitting stuff in 3 bags would drive me crazy. 🙂

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