And another!

Seriously, folks, I have nothing… so I give you another knitting bag. This black messenger bag has seen it all for the past 15 years. I paid $5 for it at The Gap. I have gotten every penny back with the uses I have made of it. The black bag has gone on every vacation and every weekend trip since I bought it. And it still keeps going. I even saw its twin in the Houston airport many years ago. This bag is a trooper and it just keeps on going. It is faded, the straps are worn and one of the inside pockets has a hole but it is still in good shape.

I stole its strap buckles to make another messenger bag, thinking that I would then retire the black bag. I have since decided to resew the strap and keep black bag. What can I say? There are so many memories in this bag… if only bags could talk!

I’m not sure why the outside pocket is unzipped. BC probably had something to do with that.

The inside.
Disorganized as usual! I didn’t bother to reorganize this bag since there aren’t any actual projects stored in it now.

The curiously useful Altoid can.
It holds all the small bits and pieces that I need for knitting… I often find these things scattered around the house because BC finds them curiously fascinating.

And finally, the black bag holds a stash of small toys to keep BC occuppied when I am out and about. The curious thing is that I haven’t taken this bag out where I need to entertain BC in over a year… and still the toys are in there. You would probably take them out and put them in the toybox but I put them back in the black bag because they belong there… black bag would miss them.

7 thoughts on “And another!

  1. It’s like the perfect little black dress! Well, I’ve never owned one of those either, but you know what I mean.
    I too have Keely’s toys in my bag and when I change bags, I just transfer the toys over even though she hasn’t touched them in at least a year. You are not alone. 8-P

  2. We all have a bag that keeps on going. I don’t know what it is and there’s no reason why a bag becomes THE bag. I had a rucksack like that. For 8 years it was my faithful companion, then I swapped in Bali for a gorgeous sarong.

    Some things just keep on giving.

    I love apple Altoids. I miss them because you can’t find them in England. Ooooh, my mouth is watering at the mere thought!

  3. Now that my children don’t need me to carry their toys any more I still often find rocks and hair clips in my bags and pockets from the children I teach. Once you have a good bag it is very difficult to change it!

  4. My kids still need to be entertained. I had to take them with me to a Dr’s appointment yesterday. When the Dr came in, I passed out notebooks, pencils, and stickers and they were amazingly good. It’s hard to give up the perfect bag, I’m sure, just like giving up the perfect skirt.

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