Thank you, blogger!

Oh good, we are back in business! Not only is this my third attempt to get blobber to accept my post, I also lost my internet connection for 2 hours today. I was starting to have tremors from internet withdrawal! But here we are… all is ok now.

I made a bag yesterday. I bought the stripey pink fabric when the local quilting shop went out of business. I have wanted to make a bag with it for eons! Now I have. I forgot to use interfacing to give it some body… so it is floppy. But it’s my floppy bag!

The interior is a coordinating green check. I loved this combo… bright pinks and bright greens fused together with black.

The truth is that my creativity is in a slump right now. I have all these ideas floating around in my head but I can’t seem to sit down long enough to make them a reality.

How do you get through your creative slumps? I need tips and fast!


10 thoughts on “Thank you, blogger!

  1. Very pretty bag! Creative slumps, hmmm. One gets through them one hour at a time. I think that part of creativity is allowing those ideas floating around in your head to develop and gel into something that you just have to do. So because I feel that way I allow myself to be “lazy” knowing that I am not really lazy but percolating ideas!

  2. I like your bag. It’s so bright and happy. No tips re. creative slumps. I’m in one right now. When I’m not creating, that’s my chance to go looking at people’s blogs…I get lots of ideas that way.

  3. I like the pink and green combo as well. I get into creative ruts as well. I make a list of things I want to make and it helps to go through the list every once in a while. Also, it helps me to sew for my friends – I’m already thinking about Christmas gifts (purses) for our pastor’s daughters – there are 3 of them.

    Also, are you getting enough sleep? Being tired is hard on my creativity. Just got a comment from you – we must have been looking at eachother’s blogs at the same time – weird…

  4. Great colors and cute bag! Usually when I’m in a slump (for me it would be a knitting slump; I don’t do much other crafting) I just let it slump along and let the knitting alone until it passes.

  5. Wow, this bag is so pretty, I really love this fabric, it’s so funky, and the interior one rocks big time!
    Oy, creative slumps… Actually, when I’m in one, I go out, have some beers, have a hangover the next day and then things are back to normal again – works well with any other moods and troubles as well.;) But I doubt that’d be a good tip, so I have to agree with Martina, the best thing would be letting your thoughts just float around your brain, and ideas will eventually develop – in the meantime, do something else, read, draw some doodles, whatever.
    A big help for any of my creative slumps was Julia Cameron’s tried-and-true bestseller “The Artist’s Way” and all the lessons she has in there – creativity will jump at you when you’re just reading through it! Highly recommended!

  6. I love the bag combo, it is so cute.

    I have a huge lit of stuff I want to accomplish, but sometimes I don’t have the fabrics picked out. Then I go to a fabric store and just walk around and look at everything. If I don’t get inspird there, then I go to a scrapbook store… then a craft store… then the grocery store… then the mall… anyplace that has lots of colors and textures — even parks and farms. Just walk around and mull it.

  7. Your bag is so cute! I get inspiration from these craft blogs, from inside of stores and even tv, and just sitting in the craft room and looking through my stuff.

  8. Creative slumps, hmmm, I go through them a lot. I’m like you in that it isn’t for a lack of ideas, but for me it’s lack of motivation to attempt any of them. Usually a good clean up or organization does the trick. For some reason I don’t feel like I should be doing something fun (crafting) when there’s work to be done (house cleaning/organizing). I think this is why having a messy house stresses me out so much.

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