Organization versus chaos… guess who wins?

You all are too kind! Thanks for the ideas to get through my slump.

I would like to explain myself a little better to the commenters that remarked on how creative my creative slump was…. I have tons of ideas, I just can’t seem to make the things I think of. It’s frustrating to have a great idea for a quilt, a bag, or whatever… pick out all the fabrics or yarn… and then do nothing. That is the slump I can’t seem to get through… the actual doing.

This is a pattern that repeats itself in most areas of my life… I can’t seem to organize my actions to meet my thoughts.

That’s great, Cathy, but what is up with the blue mugs? I’m glad you asked! These are my favorite mugs… not so much the shape as the color. Something about this color speaks to me. Other colors speak to me too but blue has been my lifelong color of choice.

And since I couldn’t organize my thoughts or ideas yesterday, I organized our living room bookshelves. The books look so nice and tidy now… but you should see the floor in front of the shelves, completely covered in the chaos I removed from the shelves. I can only stand so much organization amidst my chaos.


7 thoughts on “Organization versus chaos… guess who wins?

  1. Honey, I know right what you are talking! I have similar problems with great/many ideas and realisation of them! BTW, after 8,5 years of living in attic I still don’t have bookshelves!!!!!

  2. Ooooo… look at all the books. Boooooooooks ::drooling::

    I love to organize. My husband loves chaos, but claims he loves organization. It’s really a recipe for disaster in our home.

  3. hey I love organizing books. What’s your system? Mine are per publisher/size/author.

    No alphabetical order… that’s too much for me.

    I love looking at them.

  4. I’ve never seen that many books look good on a shelf together. Books are so hard for me – all the different heights drive me nuts – they never look as nice as yours do. It’s also my theory that things have to look worse before they get better.

    So with your slump, are you saying it’s a motivation thing? or an inability to figure out how to make something? I’d blame it on summer. Summer is just bad for the creative process.

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