I can barely move…

I worked on the floor again this weekend. I thought finding the motivation to craft was hard, convincing myself to work on the floor in this heat and humidity was even harder! But I did it. It took me all of Saturday to finish the last major section of floor. I just have to go back now and put the edge pieces in.

And, no, I didn’t glue myself to anything this time.

The molding promises to be fun because I threw away the old molding! I’m usually a little more thrifty but the old molding was so thin that it split and broke as I was removing it. Good molding doesn’t do that.

I could barely move when I woke up Sunday morning. But my muse was back at least temporarily so I made a bag while I had the motivation (and it is a motivation problem usually). I’m not selling this bag either… muahaha! MC is going to have a fit if I keep making bags for myself!

The asian floral fabric is yet more fabric from the defunct fabric shop. I have not only been planning this bag since last November, I even had that fabric cut already! All I had to do was cut the green fabric, the handles, and the interfacing. Okay, that is actually a lot of work. The one part of bag making that I really despise is making the handles… usually I pad them but I was too lazy today.

And does anyone else have problems with their rotary cutters getting dull quickly?

Answer to a question about how I organized the bookshelves. I don’t really have much of a system. I try to keep smaller books higher and taller books lower but I don’t kill myself to make it perfect. I also keep books separated by major genre categories… fiction, childcare, my biology collection, etc.


9 thoughts on “I can barely move…

  1. I bet that is hard work and the weather doesn’t help…so after all that work you deserve to keep another bag for yourself! 😎 It’s a pretty floor.
    My rotary cutter is dull after about 4 sewing projects. I thought it was just me. hmmmmm. I bet we have the same brand.
    * I organize my books by genre too. Mini-library…no call numbers though.

  2. You have been busy. Finishing the floor must have been miserable in the heat – congrats on remaining unglued to anything! And it looks great. The bag is sooo pretty too.

  3. congratulation on finishing the floor! Can see why you can barely move! It would take me million years for something like that!
    I am also glad hairy guy didn’t leave permanent demage on your eyes! I didn’t wanna post pic but there were sooo many (two) of those who wanted to see!
    Bag is gorgeous!

  4. Hmmm… not sure what to say about your rotary cutter. I bought a new one after ruining mine cutting minky fabric. So now I have one for that and one for cotton.

    With my scrapbooking supplies, I sharpen all my blades by cutting waxed paper. Perhaps that would help.

  5. The floor is looking good! I would have been all sore, too if I had worked on my hands and knees for a day. Yikes! The bag looks great as well – I think it’s okay to make bags for yourself. Why should everyone else get all the good stuff? The straps look thick enough to not be too comfortable unstuffed.

  6. Ooo, your floors look great! We still don’t have shoe molding in some places and no threshholds and we did our floors two years ago.

    My toraty cutter gets dull quickly too, and it always seems to have a really dull spot that never cuts.

  7. I’m still totally blown away by your floor and the fact that you did it yourself – showed it to my CM who’s a big home improvement fan and he’s really amazed by your work too – he asked if you’d like to come over and do our living room floor? ;))
    And I so love your bag, after all the work you did you certainly deserve a bag to keep for yourself!

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