Birthday love!

I love birthdays. I love them even more when I get presents for someone else’s birthday! Kristin is celebrating her latest birthday all month long. One of the ways she has celebrated was to send presents to people that entered her birthday contest. Look at what she sent to me:

Beautiful buttons! Beautiful felted flower kit! Eucalan!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Happy Birthday, Kristin!

(trot on over there and wish Kristin a very happy birthday!)

I used my newest tote yesterday to go out to lunch with MC and BC. I threw all the contents of my old purse into it. I really like being able to stuff a few larger things in my tote (i.e., my doggy bag from lunch out and a bottle of water). However, I didn’t like all my cards and cash floating around at the bottom of the bag (I don’t have a wallet). So I made a pouch to go with the tote. Works like a charm.

BTW, while nobody was able to give me tips regarding my wasteful rotary cutting blades, I’m glad it isn’t just me. I think I’m going to save the cutter for certains jobs and use scissors for more projects. I cannot abide paying so much for these rotary blades to have them barely last long enough to finish 3 or 4 projects.


6 thoughts on “Birthday love!

  1. Have you seen those purse organizers that some people have made? Lots of pockets that roll up? It looks like a great idea for someone who moves stuff from purse to purse like I do. That’s a nice pouch.

    What kind of cutting mat do you use? When I got a new cutting mat, my dull rotary blade started working like new. My old mat was from WalMart, new one is an Olfa.

  2. Now, that’s always a great thing to get gifts for someone else’s birthday šŸ˜‰ Gorgeous ones you got indeed! And I do love your purse, it looks so elegant and unique!

  3. That pouch is a great idea. I can’t stand when my stuff is clunking around at the bottom of my tote either–but, unlike you, I haven’t done anything to remedy that problem.

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