A friend of mine asked me for emergency sewing help yesterday. She is going on vacation for a couple of weeks (I’m jealous) and her sewing machine suddenly threw a shoe… or something. So, I spent all of 40 min. sewing her hems for her today on my machine. Then I dropped them at her house on the way to the grocery store. So why did that distract me for 2 days? I don’t know.

But before I was distracted by hems, I was distracted by bibs. Or I should say “bib”… singular.

Bib Front

Bib Back

It took several tries to get one bib done for a baby that was born a couple of weeks ago. His mother was in labor for a shorter time than it took me to complete one little bib.

What was the problem? I was trying to make it more decorative by putting matching bias trim on it. The bias tape I made was too bulky and about 1 inch short. After I made the bib (such as it is), I realized I don’t have enough fabric to make a matching blankie. *sigh* In fact, I don’t have enough of any boy colors in flannel or anything else soft. And I am on an extreme use-what-you-have budget. I’m thinking scrap blanket.


8 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. Scrap blankets are the best anyway!

    (Is it kinda bad to hate someone who was in labor in less time than it took to sew something? I’m the queen of pitocin. Stupid pitocin.)

  2. Cute bibs. If you have any of your stuff left from the bib, perhaps you could make the blanket with a plain or matching fabric and use your left ovet scrap from the bib for an applique on the blanket, that would them together…

  3. let’s not get into the whole labour thing… please. Makes me want to cross my legs forever!!!

    Anyway, the bib looks very very cute. And scrap blankets are lovely. They’re obviously made with loved pieces of fabric, right? Otherwise why would you have kept them in the first place?–>

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