Patchwork blankie is done

Front (pieced together from flannel remnants).

The back is white muslin (more of the use-what-you-have budget).

Edited to add: Now that I see it in the pictures, I realize I made a mistake when I put the rows together… and I tried so hard to get it right! Darn it.

This is my lapcat, Marble. He wouldn’t stand still long enough for a proper mugshot.

He has one eye. The other was removed because it had turned black from a melonoma. I always imagined him with a roguish patch but he wouldn’t let me put one on. His ear has a permanent, rakish bend because he shook his head so hard once (chronic ear problems) that he got a bruise in it.

He is healthy now but extemely skittish. He loves me but he isn’t tolerant of other people at all. He won’t have anything to do with BC… silly cat.


11 thoughts on “Patchwork blankie is done

  1. The blanky is gorgeous! Keep on making another ones!
    Oh, I would like to see damn cat (well, you know I really dislike cats) with patch! Can you try it on when damn cat is sleeping!
    Sorry for 3 damns!

  2. the blankie is so cute! and it’s not a “mistake” it’s “character”!

    poor kittie. he seems like a sweetie though… like he’s always flirting with you.

  3. What a nice blanket! When I made my first and only quilt I messed up my rows too, even though I thought I was being so carful. No matter, things like that give it character.
    Your cat looks like a sweetheart šŸ˜‰

  4. Okay, it took me a while to figure out what was “wrong” with the quilt. I think it looks great – perfection is over-rated (not that I would know, but that’s what I tell myself). It’s funny how the camera can tell us so much. Things look so much different in a picture, especially on a quilt.

    Nice to meet your kitty.

  5. Cute blankie. I love the fabric. I never would have noticed the mistake if you hadn’t pointed it out.

    As for Marble, you should photoshop a patch over his eye. Then at least you’d know what he’d look like with one! ha ha.

  6. This blankie is so gorgeous! And don’t worry, I couldn’t for the life of me detect a mistake on that pic, so, who’s going to care? šŸ˜‰ It’s perfect as it is!
    And I love Marble, he seems to be a real toughie – glad to hear he’s okay again!

  7. Those blues and yellows look so perfect together, the muslin is a perfect light match. So pretty. Aw, poor little kitty, he sure is lovable though.

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