Orange crush

I have 3 sweaters in my knitting bags, waiting patiently for me to attend to them. So I knit something entirely new.

I had one skein of some fuzzy, soft yarn which I had intended to use as an accent on a felted bag. I made a scarf instead.

Pattern: pattern?… I don’t need no stinking pattern!
Yarn: A Joann Exclusive (I’m a sucker for anything “exclusive”)… the label reads “Castaway… A hairy boucle with a soft and stylish twist”. I could not make that up if I tried! Love me some “stylish, hairy” yarn!
Needles: 2 very large bamboo dpns (they were the first large needles I came across… yes, I wanted instant gratification)

Review of the “stylish, hairy” yarn:
It is very hairy.
It is very soft.
I didn’t split the yarn too often.

It is very heavy. My skinny scarf is getting skinnier by the second. Pretty soon it will pull itself into a single strand of yarn again.

You can see the weight of the yarn is crushing Coffee.

The yarn color looks great on brown, don’t you think?!


6 thoughts on “Orange crush

  1. I really like big needles to get things done quickly! The doggie really does go well with the scarf. You’ll have to carry her when you wear it – you’ll look so classy together.

  2. Hey, that scarf is amazing – it looks so funky, and I really love that fuzzy yarn you’ve been using! Your little furry one is just a scream – so cute!

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