As if I don’t have enough on my plate… I’ve taken up a new craft. Woohoo! Remeber this book? The book has very complicated instructions for what turned out to be a fairly simple project, but I perservered! I now have a skimpy string macrame plant holder for my cheap, broken, plastic pot.

BTW, I had to borrow the pot from BC. He was wearing it on his head when I needed it for this photo. (I should have taken a picture of that but he was also naked. No naked BC pics for the internets!)

Yes, it is wonky.
(And my kitchen walls aren’t dirty,
I’m in the middle of scraping wallpaper off.
It may take me another month or two.)
Per MC’s request, I made a macrame mesh bag for our fruits and vegetables. I’d say from the size of this one that I’m going to need a LOT more string if I want to hang up more than 2 small Haas avocados.
About avocados….
I had to look up the plural. I am always stumped by words that end in an “o”, to add an “e” for the plural or not to add it… so confusing!

Secondly, the word “avocado” is derived from the Aztec word “ahuacatl” which has a double meaning as either the avocado tree fruit or testicle. Remember that the next time you order guacamole! Source.

Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny that I put 2 avocados in a small hanging bag. Heehee!


6 thoughts on “Macrame

  1. I used to do quite a bit of macrame as a kid, learned it in school and I enjoyed it a lot! Heaven knows I don’t have an idea anymore how it works, but I remember it was pretty easy once you got the knack of it – and the results are so lovely!

  2. are you sure those aren’t testicles? šŸ™‚

    we use to have a macrame thing hanging in our living room… the top of it was an owl. that plant lived *forever*.

  3. You naughty girl and your ahuacatl jokes!

    Macrame, huh? That’s a neat pot holder. I noticed that your book taught tatting as well. My Grandma taught my sister and I to tat. I thought it was a lot of fun when I was a kid. So many of those cool crafty things are kind of dying out, aren’t they?

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