I’m still here

Thank you for your kind comments and emails. I’m still dealing with the change of mood that the meds are helping create so crafting is sporadic right now. Things are definitely good but it is a huge change from how I lived premeds. And I’m still dealing with a little grief from realizing the loss of 20 years of potential.

I also had another distraction this week. My FIL went into the hospital so the doctors could determine if he needed a heart valve replacement. Fortunately, he didn’t but they did find a blockage that could have caused him a second heart attack. So they put another stint in place and sent him on his way. He already has plans to play racquetball this weekend. The man is a looney.

In crafty news, I have been working on Ruby Red but I don’t have pics ready… soon, my internets, soon. I leave you with another picture from the Caboodle trip to the beach. Isn’t it neat how the trees on the beach bend over and how the branches curl?


9 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. I agree with Sandra–we all have to keep looking ahead. Everyone has regrets and “what ifs” about the past, but there’s nothing we can do about that anymore. So glad to hear the meds are working for you.

  2. It seems to me you’ve managed to accomplish much in those 20 years. Try not to spend time on regrets but look at the positives and focus on now and the future. Hope things go well with your FIL.

  3. How pretty and calming.

    Yeah – 20 years is a long time. But you weren’t standing still – you’ve got a sweet hubby and precious son. You have so much to build on! And drugs can be such a blessing – 50 years ago, there would have been little to help.

    And let me remind you that as a SAH, crafty mom, you have a life that many women envy. Big hugs to you, sweetie.

  4. It’s good to hear that your medication is working – and yes, it sure takes quite a while to get used to them and the changes they bring – but these are great changes, so you’re going to love them! And don’t be too sad for the many years that passed by without feeling that good – now you have many more years in front of you with feeling good, relaxed and calm! Do look ahead, there’s great times coming up to you – and you so deserve it!

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