Rip, rip, rip!

Oh yes! That feels much better.

These lovely balls of red are what is left of the Ruby Red sweater. I actually enjoyed frogging this one.

All those mistakes? Gone.
Dishwasher shaping? Gone.
Pretty yarn? Ready for another project!

After I frogged Ruby Red, I didn’t have any ideas for another red knit project so I moved on. I borrowed this idea from Dipsy Doodle , it is a European style bath mitt. Dipsy improved on the design with a great stitch pattern. Go check it out. I like this stitch pattern so much, I’m thinking my next red yarn sweater will incorporate it. I can’t wait to use the mitt in my next shower this Saturday! (That was a joke!)

BC and I were busy with other projects too. He has a huge container full of broken crayons that I wanted to consolidate. I have been planning to make these crayon muffins since I saw an example at one of the local play centers. They stained my nonstick minimuffin pan. That’s ok, I don’t use it for cooking. (I’m sorry about the glare, it is almost impossible to find a nonreflective surface in this house!)


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