Perchance to learn a new technique

A finished sock object

I’m trying to start my new year of blogging off right with a FO. Can you call a single sock a FO?

I finished the sock last night. MC tried it on this morning and it fit perfectly. I’m happy because it has taken me a year to knit the sock… it was meant to be a Christmas gift in 2005 but for some reason I could not get it started right. I only had to start it 3 times this year 🙂 If MC is lucky he might get the matching sock this year for Christmas. Heh!

Pattern: my own, 3×1 rib
Technique: toe up using short row toes and heels
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Regia Stretch Color
Needles: Size 2 bamboo dpns

I have knit toe up socks previously with short row toes and heels. I prefer to knit short rows to flap type heels… that’s just knitting though, I like the look of the flap heel better. MC has really skinny ankles so I had to keep the cuff snug. He complained that he could barely get the cuff over his heel so I’m going to try a more flexible bind off. I am trying the decrease bind off described in the Summer 06 Knitty. All I have to do is rip out the current bind off (oy). Then I can learn a new to me technique.


5 thoughts on “Perchance to learn a new technique

  1. I can tell you that it would take me much longer than a year to finish a sock. It looks really hard – I may never attempt it. It looks nice, though. I hope you get the other one done soon!

  2. great sock. And in my books ANYTHING that doesn’t require any more work on it is a FO.

    And who says it’s not a Xmas stocking? just put inside a couple of (small)oranges and a few sweets and hang it on the fireplace.


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