Viruses, socks, and silk

Holy smokes, it has been over a week since my last post! Sorry about that.

BC had a head cold, and I had a stomach virus (which I got from BC who had it the previous weekend). Now I have a head cold… I follow in my son’s viral footsteps. BC converts to a very needy infant when he is sick, lots and lots of clinging and love are required to nurse him back to his almost 4-year old status. Also, my mother showed up unexpectedly on her way to see my brother. I’m the ‘wayside’ on the road to somewhere else.

If you have more than one child, please make an effort to not play favorites. I told my mom about being diagnosed with ADHD. Her response pretty much played out like this… “your older sister blah blah blah, your older sister blah blah blah, and your older sister blah blah blah”. I tried to redirect her back to me, me, me. Her response, “and did I mention your older sister blah blah blah, your older sister blah blah blah, and your older sister blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah”. This is the structure of most of the conversations I have with her. At 40, I am starting to accept that this is something that will never change but it still makes me mad, and a bit sad.

Back to regularly scheduled crafting…

I ‘finished’ hubby’s socks… before Christmas. Amazing! Did a certain place down under freeze over?!

The socks are soooooo comfy! Much more comfy than I thought they would be because the wool was scratching my fingers while I was knitting. Apparently, my feet and legs are immune to it. Hopefully, MC will be immune to it too.

I tried the decrease bind off on the second sock. It is actually tighter and more inflexible than my regular bind off. I say ‘my’ because I realize it was probably my technique that screwed it up more than anything. I will undo both bind offs and try again. Maybe I will try the crochet bind off next time. Any thoughts?

My mom doesn’t always think of just my older sister. She did bring gifts for my family, and she brought me the fabric that my father bought while he was in Southeast Asia 35 years ago.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It is 1.5 meters of a very thin but stiff silk. I don’t know what to do with it. I want to do something that will last… so no purses or clothes. Any ideas? Or should I stuff it back into it’s envelope and save it into perpetuity? There is also a possibility that those 35-year old creases won’t come out.


10 thoughts on “Viruses, socks, and silk

  1. Now I know what took you so long! Fabric is gorgeous! And mothers … I have sis, too! Somehow not only our parents but all family always tends to compare us!
    Lucky hubby’s feet!
    And the next project is…?

  2. Oy. Sorry to hear about your mom’s tendancies to compare you to your sister.

    I’m an only child, and as an adult I like it. When they die, there will be no fighting about who gets what.

  3. Did you see your little puppy trying to get his foot in the picture? Cute!

    Hmmm…I vote for a quilt that you can hang up on a wall. I’ve found silk is hard to iron out even when the creases are only 1 year old.

  4. Try steaming it. Like put it in the bathroom and open the shower really hot…

    You could frame it. It’s so beautiful that with a nice frame would look good on the wall.

    Sorry about your ‘sis’ thing. I have the same but it’s not my mum it’s my dad who’s the culprit. She’ll always be his little girl who needs help and money…

    Like you said, life goes on and I like to be me more than anyone else.

  5. Oh Cathy, I hope you feel better! Congrats on finishing a project, those socks do look pretty comfy.
    Sorry about your mom. I don’t have a problem with favorites in my family, unless you count my parents favoring themselves over anybody else. Any conversation I have with my dad is all about him, him, him. Yeah, whatever. It’s their own loss.

  6. I hear ya on the favorite child thing. For years my Dad stopped by my place on the way to my sister or somewhere else. I was never a destination unto myself. Now approaching my 50’s (yuck) I seem to have accepted it. I have “my” family now and I know I am important to them. I am also more accepting of other’s emotional limitations, I think.

  7. Laughing at your post. I was just fuming to my hubby about how our son and his cousin (2 months apart) always get compared by his mom.
    me:”M. just rolled over for the first time! Isn’t that fun?”

    MIL: “S. has been rolling over for ages. He can roll straight across the room to get to where he wants to go.”

    me: silence

    She’s my MIL afterall.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s reaction and her overall tendency to place your sister in front of you. This is something so horrible to do, playing favorites with one’s kids, and I can imagine your feelings so well! But – I notice something very positive: You mentioned “it still makes me mad, and a bit sad” – that’s a great sign of improvement if you’re more mad than sad, this shows that you’re on the best way accepting that and living with it!
    I love the socks by the way, they look so soft and warm and cozy – great!

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