I’ve been jinxed

… and I think it is this sweater!

Can you spot the problem?

I have knit the front of this sweater 3 times… THREE… it has complicated cables, folks! I knit each sleeve 2 times… they have the same complicated cable pattern! I thought I was on the way to finally finishing it but now this. Maybe I’m being paranoid but I don’t think THE SWEATER wants to be done.

Other things that have happened since I restarted this very old UFO. I have had a stomach virus. I have a vicious head cold. I slipped and fell on the tile floor (and did that ever hurt… I had fallen and I couldn’t get up). BC has been out of school sick since the first day. Now he has a really bad ear infection, and he will probably not go this week. All this has happened since I started working on THE SWEATER again.

Call me paranoid but I think I’m going to rip this one out and give up. It’s for the best.


9 thoughts on “I’ve been jinxed

  1. So, problems in paradise, ha? We are all sick hear, also!
    You know, I also believe that some thing/stuff have bad energy – so thump up for ripping and giving up!

  2. THREE times? I can’t believe you can knit that much even if you aren’t sick! I would hate for you to give up on it. Maybe have a try at it when everyone is well. I’m sure that having to get up to take care of a sick one makes it easier to make mistakes, although I can’t tell that there’s anything wrong.

  3. Oh gosh, what a stressful time you’ve been going through lately, I hope all this calms down and will be better soon!
    As for ripping the sweater – well, yes, I do believe in this jinxing-thing too, obviously there’s some knitted garments that doesn’t want to be made – happened to me as well, whatever I did with these projects, nothing worked. Even though I find it gorgeous, I believe it’s the right decision to just give it a nice bye-bye and rip it – it’ll save you a lot of hassles!

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