Still kicking

The Sweater is no more. I think I will let these balls of yarn ferment for a while until the bad mojo has evaporated off them.

I moved onto a new project. I bought this wool Fearless Fibers sock yarn from another blogger’s stash sale. The colors weren’t as saturated as I thought they would be but it is still very pretty.

The pattern is my own. It is a basic short row toe-up with a lace panel on size 2 bamboo dpn’s. The lace pattern is from one of Barbara Walker’s Treasury volumes. It is called ‘gull wings‘, an easy 7 stitch, 4 row repeat. And yet I still keep making mistakes. That is the beauty of a variegated yarn, it hides small mistakes that you may choose to ignore.

I have one more picture… but you need to put your sunglasses on to view it.

Shield your eyes!

Don’t look directly at the sun.

My 3-year old son took this photo. I thought it was pretty amazing when I saw it on the camera. He really has an eye for interesting subjects.

Ugh! It is giving me a headache though… gotta go!


8 thoughts on “Still kicking

  1. My little guy likes to take pictures, too. They are actually pretty neat to look at, but I’m not sure why, because they are usually of things like his bed or something. Now is it my imagination? It can’t seriously be as bright as the REAL sun, but I feel like I was getting a headache too!

  2. Yep, your son definitely has an eye for photography, who knows, he might make this his profession one day – this pic is definitely artsy!
    I’m sorry to see that the sweater is gone, but there’s really just no use in continuing to work on something that you won’t keep nor wear nor like. Still, it’s sad to see so many hours of work go!
    But I so love the socks you’re doing, the colors are so happy and bright and the pattern rocks – I’ve already printed it out and will try my hands at it soon – thanks for sharing the link!

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