It’s a long one!

I’ll be honest with you… I haven’t been super busy. Well, I mean, I have been but not in ways that would have stopped me from blogging. I have been superstressed. I have ADHD, I’m distracted by stressful things. Let me explain…

Part of the stress revolves around my son, BC. He is just short of 4 years. He won’t go to Kindergarten until 2008. Last year, we put him in a 2-half-days mom’s day out program so I could get some work done. It took us over 3 weeks to get him to the point where he didn’t cry the entire time he was there. And I was only leaving him there for an hour max at the time, and I was sitting out in the hallway. Then he got sick and we had to start over from scratch. Then he got sick again… repeat ad nauseum. He wasn’t happy at school until the last couple of weeks before summer.

Fast forward to this year… he was unhappy again so we started from scratch. Then he got sick, and started again from scratch. Then he had an ear infection… start again from scratch. Our relationship was deteriorating because I resented not getting that time I expected, and he felt a lot of pressure to go to school but just wasn’t ready. Short story made long… MC and I decided to let him opt out of the program this year. BC was very sad when we told his teacher we were taking him out, but then he was fancy free happy. All that stress was suddenly gone and he was a playful, loving 3yo again. I don’t mind having him with me as long as I don’t expect to have my own time. Expectations are killer when dealing with children.

Caveat: I know this wouldn’t work for all parents but it was the right thing for us. My MIL has already voiced her disapproval emphatically.

Back to crafting!

I finished the socks. I loved them, they were cute and comfy. But so not me. I gifted them to a friend. And she gifted me with some wool yarn that she inherited from someone else. Ah karma!

I also worked on this…. it sort of looks like an orange and green Spaghetti Monster but it’s not. Here is a hint.

Felted pictures to follow soon (I’ve got laundry in the washer and that takes a priority over felting).

There! Are you happy Sandra? 😉

BTW, my mother is visiting. Guess how many times she has brought up my older sister in order to one up me? I won’t castigate her too much, she is helping me rewind about a thousand balls of yarn. And that ain’t exactly nothing.

Also, MC went to an ENT. He had a sleep study earlier this year that indicated he has severe problems with apnea (thanks, I knew that already… the snoring from the other side of the house often disturbs me). The ENT says he has a massively deviated septum (read surgery), and will probably still need a CPAP post-surgery. He was tested for allergies today and, apparently, MC is allergic to the ENTIRE continental US (maybe the entire world). And he can’t take most antihistamines.


13 thoughts on “It’s a long one!

  1. You do have an awful lot on your plate. It sounds like you made the right decision for BC; all kids develop at their own pace. Good luck with the mom/MIL/and MC stressors. The socks are pretty! And I didn’t even recognize the tiger lily – my first guess was chili peppers!

  2. My first guess was chili peppers too! Don’t feel bad about your decision to take BC out of school for now…If it works it works! He’ll be ready when he HAS to go to school. Maybe, if you haven’t yet, try a Mom’s and Tot’s program to get him more comfy with being out and about… Breathe deep and relax…ahhhh..that’s better…

  3. Oooo.. MC and I are too alike!

    If BC was struggling that much at Kids’ Day Out, you made the right choice pulling him out. Maybe next year when he’s four he’ll be more open to it.

    Can’t wait to see the lily!

  4. You’re such a great mom; kudos on raising a great kid.

    The entire continental US, eh? I have some 2nd-hand info that might help.

    Maybe you can duct tape your mom’s mouth while she winds.

  5. Yes, honey I’m happy! And I loooove socks! I am so busy with ordered knitting that I dan’t find time for some socks for me!
    And talking about kindergarten – I was very happy that my kids didn’t get sick there! They love their friends there and sometimes they ask me to come to pick them as long as possible!
    And I know what it means having time just for yourself!
    Believe or not, I am gonna knit you Liesel scarf and send it to you! There is no turning back now!
    And one little thing – I used to have pretty hard mode of forsed neurosis – I went to neuropsychiatric, somehow didn’t need medicaments! I am still dealing with that beast and I totally understand what you are going with you ADHD!

  6. Hey – I thought chili peppers before I saw anyone else say it.

    My allergist says I could live allergy-free on the north pole. *sigh*. Hopefully after surgery he’ll feel much better. You’ve got a lot going on. And expectations of ME time really ARE bad for me too. Honestly, being a parent, I find myself dying to myself everyday. I’m glad you got your little happy boy back, though – there’s nothing like having happy playful children. :o)

    I’m impressed that you got a blog post in with a visitor. That’s always hard for me.

  7. Stumbled across your blog. I can SO relate to BC & school. Mine is quite a bit younger (not yet 2), but since I also TRY to work at home with him around, I know how hard it is. Like you, I’ve had to say “OK, while he’s up, no work gets done.” I don’t know if I’m going to attempt half-day programs with him or not (I did with his older brother & same thing: cry cry cry the first couple of weeks, which makes me miserable). Good luck!!

  8. Oh Cathy, I’m so sorry to read about these trying times you’ve had. But I agree, it seems you’ve made the right decision for BC – sometimes things just doesn’t work out, you’ve tried it long enough, and now at least the little one is happy again! And seeing him happy must make you happy too, no?
    I have to admit, I absolutely can’t imagine not to have any “me” time – naturally due to the fact that I don’t have children. Perhaps the thing to cut down one’s expectations comes naturally with having children? I so wish and hope that you’ll find just a couple minutes here and there for you and yourself only, it’ll work wonders for you! Sending you warmest thoughts from all across the pond!
    And I love your socks, they’re gorgeous in these funky colors!

  9. I thought about felted chilli too. But I’m sure a lily will be much prettier!

    My son cried every single time I took him to school. As soon as I left him he was fine though. I think you did the right thing, hard as it is for you. I know how frustrating it is to have ‘me’ time taken away… kids are very good at knowing when to get sick/cry/have a tantrum. I’m sure that as he grows he’ll want to be more independent.

    Sorry to hear about MC. Have you tried homeopathy?

  10. I’m with you on the expectations. Sometimes I think if I try not to have any I won’t be disappointed. The only time I get any me time is when the kids are in bed (and sometimes not even then, as I’m on call all night long…)

    Hugs to you.

  11. Oh dear, poor you! You sure have a lot going on right now.

    It sounds to me that you did the right thing with BC, trust your gut mama.

    Good luck with your visitor. I know that isn’t making things any easier.–>

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