Chili peppers?!!!

You said ‘chili peppers’.

Felting provided flower petals.

Finished daylily.

Thanks for the kit, Kristen! I really enjoyed this project and the resulting flower.

FYI: My mother has left the building. BC is getting back into his happy, unstressed groove. I am slowly developing a new routine. MC is the same as he ever was. All is well… ‘well’ being a relative term, you know. I reserve the right for future whining.


5 thoughts on “Chili peppers?!!!

  1. I’m so glad you had fun with the felted lily. It came out really cute and does look like a lily and not chili peppers anymore! After I’d gotten that one for you, I went back and got a kit for a calla lily to make for my niece this Christmas. She had calla lilies in her beautiful wedding bouquet this summer.

  2. That is the prettiest flower made from chili peppers ever! And it doesn’t even resemble chili peppers! How did that happen?

    I’m glad that life is coming back to normal. Normal is good and predictable and keeps me from sprouting new gray hairs.

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