Essential knitting tools

It’s not just a tinker toy.
It’s a niddy noddy!

Who knew tinker toys were so useful?!

And why did I raid my son’s toy chest? Because I inherited some lovely sport weight wool yarn from a friend. The balls were wound too tightly by the previous owner. I tried to just rewind the balls but alas that was not enough. So I wound them into hanks.

First, I used a chair but that hurt my back and arms.
Then, I used my arm from hand to bent elbow. Again that hurt my arms.
Last, I wound some yarn hanks around my knees. That hurt my legs!

I sat there wishing I had a niddy noddy… then inspiration struck. Tinker toys! I raided the toy chest and made a niddy noddy. It was very useful. It still wore my arms out. I wished I had a swift.

And then I did! I was able to quickly wind about 20 hanks that are now hanging up trying their hardest to rebloom. I may have to wash them but I don’t want to think about that right now. I still have two balls of yarn to rewind but BC took his toys back.


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