“MAMA!!! Come wipe me!”

And you wonder why it has been a few days since my last post. Haha!

Warning: rant ahead… skip to the bottom if you only want to see pictures.

My son and I have been going through a new phase recently in which I am not allowed to do anything that doesn’t involve him (insert your choice verbs here… especially craft related verbs). Last Friday was hubby’s 40th birthday and we wanted to go out adult-style to celebrate. You can imagine the chaos that ensued when The Boy Formerly Known As Sweet And Loving got wind of that scheme. All hell broke loose.

At the end of some long lived chaos, we left the house with the inlaws taking on our distraught child. He predictably stopped crying after a few minutes and was fine for the remaining hour that hubby and I were gone. Yes, we managed to have several drinks, eat dinner, do some book shopping, and grocery shopping all in less than one hour. Time collapsed on itself… it is amazing how much more efficient you are when you don’t have a 3-year old imposing his will.

If you don’t know (and I know some of you do know after a certain scathing comment I left on a certain person’s blog that I later apologized for), I have to tell you right off that I am very, very sensitive about the parenting choices we make with our son. So sensitive that I managed to get into an argument with hubby’s stepmother before we left the house Friday. She has always disapproved of our parenting style (specifically mine). I don’t mind that except for one thing… if you want to disagree with me that is your perogative but do not disagree with me disrespectfully.

I will listen to all sorts of parenting advice that I don’t agree with but I won’t do it without argument if you don’t show any respect for my choices with my child. Hubby’s stepmother is a brick wall, she cannot hear me when I talk about my son. As far as she is concerned, she knows all about children and I should adhere to her beliefs. The cuts went deep. And what really irks me is that I generally like this woman.

As you know, we parents all make decisions that are right for us and our child(ren). But regardless of the parenting style you choose, there will be an army of people (usually inlaws) who will let you know from pregnancy to the end of your days that you suck as a parent.

Yes, you suck too! Yes, you do!.. and you… and you… and you… oh, and especially YOU! … and so on.

Just kidding! I’m laughing, really.

For lack of any crafting time, I give you a picture of my greatest project… and I’m not talking about the dog! Feel free to give me all the advice you can muster but remember… I’m singing “la, la, la, la, la” in my head. Heh!

Can anyone tell me why this dog’s tongue is always out of her mouth?

14 thoughts on ““MAMA!!! Come wipe me!”

  1. Yep, you suck.
    heh. kidding.
    I know all about this too. I’ve been getting lots of disapproving looks and comments since about day 2 of the kiddo’s life. fun. I say, keep on doing what feel’s right to you and works for your family. I think you already know that though and try not to let all the “you suck” comments get in your head.
    I can’t believe you and the hubby did all that in 1 hour!!! holy moly…you go on with your awesome time management. 😉

  2. People need to learn to keep their mouths shut! You know in your heart that you’re doing right by your child – remember that. You know him and his needs better than anyone. You’re doing a great job 😉

  3. Sometimes singing “lalala” is probably the best thing to do. People who preach at you often don’t listen to what you say to them anyway. I’m glad you got some time out and hope that it wasn’t ruined by the parenting advice.

  4. My mother-in-law definitely has more to say about the boys than my mother does, that’s for sure! Not saying I listen too her much (the MIL), and she isn’t around very much anyways. I usually won’t argue with anyone, but I definitely know the, “la la la” song! About the only comment I may make sometimes is that I have to live with the boys, not them.

  5. You are a good parent! You parent in the only way that you can. As yourself. Who can say anybody’s way is better than the other if the child is growing up loved and happy?

  6. Oh my, poor you! Why can’t these people just keep their opinions to themselves – they can raise their kids any way they want, but it’s up to you and you only to raise yours! Argh! I hate these know-it-alls and I certainly feel for you!

  7. I don’t have any children, so I won’t even pretend to give advice. I will, however, keep my fingers crossed for you that this phase ends quickly.

    Every family is different and unless they are imerged into your family life they can’t possibly know what the best thing is for you and your child.

  8. we all suck. My mother, who I love dearly has the annoying habit of starting any children-related conversation by saying “when you were a baby… blah blah blah”

    I know what you mean.

  9. Oh I do sympathise with you. My MIL and we have had huge problems. She just didn’t like babies and always said underminging things to us so much so that we hardly see her these days. Not ideal. As for your son my daughter who is 13 now NEVER wanted to be left. She was always very attached to me. She didn’t go to nursery till she was about 5 and if we went out we had to wait till she was asleep. She has grown out of it now though but those early years were hard.

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