Empathy, sympathy, and compassion

You all are such a wonderful community of bloggers! Thank you all for your kind comments. I needed that after feeling beaten up.

A very wise friend of mine gave me a dialogue to practice for a repeat of being told I suck as a parent. Basically, my job is to ignore the person talking and offer them bean dip… do you think I need to actually have bean dip to make that work? Heh!

I am trying to get back to more regular blogging. (No, really, I’m serious!) This past week, I have had some strange physical weirdness (ok, it is probably a stomach virus). I haven’t done much crafting at all. In fact, I’m in bed at least 11 hours a night, and I’m still not feeling very good. I have been really dizzy and that doesn’t lend itself to sewing or knitting. So today I see two doctors… it will be naturopathic doctor vs. conventional doctor. I’m thinking they will have completely different approaches, no?

This is the fireman jacket I made for BC last year. He has opted to be a fireman this year as well. The jacket isn’t as crisp and pretty as shown above, it now looks like it has been through a few fires. Very authentic.

The jacket was a bit big last year. It fits him perfectly this year. After he tried it on, BC looked up at me with his big brown eyes, and asked, “When I grow out of this one, will you make me another?”. Yes, I will! I love this boy.


8 thoughts on “Empathy, sympathy, and compassion

  1. That is so cool–I love handmade costumes (although this looks like it was bought in a store, that’s how good it looks!). Don’t you just love it when they love it, too?

  2. Yes, if you’re going to take her advice, you MUST have bean dip. Hee hee.

    Get better soon! We are fighting something here as well, but since it coincided with daylight savings, the kids are waking up WAY too early and we are all tired. I hope you get some good advice to get better.

    Great job on the jacket! Josh told me that he’ll love his quilt forever. It made me feel so happy.

  3. I wish I could sew! What a great little fireman’s jacket! Two years in a row my oldest went as a pumpkin. The third year hit, and he said pumpkin again. I ended up talking him into something else. This was the first year they had home-made costumes and not store bought.

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