ummm…. have you tried the bean dip?

Here’s a recap of my naturopathic vs. conventional doctor appointments yesterday.

1. All my problems are related to adrenal fatigue.
2. I must pay $150 before having a nutritional panel done, otherwise they will charge me $400 if my insurance doesn’t pay out.
3. No exam.
4. Lots of ‘hard sell’ on nutritional supplements without explaining which ones I personally might need and what they might do for me.
5. She made a comment that inspired me to offer her bean dip.
6. Hefty first visit charge.
7. Did I mention that I had to wait 30min past my appt time, then she rushed me out before my appt time was up?
8. I was warned she was brusque but she was outright antagonistic several times.

1. Physical exam.
2. Lots of questions.
3. $20 copay.
4. Did not call me a fool to my face but implied in a very warm and kindly way that maybe I am because I don’t take my allergy pills everyday like I’m supposed to take them.
5. My swollen lymph nodes are a direct result of allergies creating havoc in my body (see #4) including my ears which really hurt and are inflamed.
6. Is doing all the blood work that the naturopath wanted to charge me a hefty fee for ($20 copay).
7. Doing additional testing to check my cholesterol and to make sure my intestinal problems are not due to some nasty bug.
8. On top of all the conventional drugs she prescribed (with an additional admonition to take my allergy pills, she prescribed acidophilis to counter the effects of the antibiotic I need for my lymph nodes.
9. She also wants me to take my vitamins everyday. If I can’t hack the long list of stuff I take, she wants me to take a multivitamin.
10. Hepa filters for the house (done).
11. She wants me to keep Bach Flower Rescue Remedy on hand, and use it (already love this stuff).
12. Apologized for being late (umm, 5 min? late? what kind of dr. are you?!).
13. Took the time to answer my questions, then ask more herself based on what we talked about.
14. I love her.

By far, this unconventional conventional doctor won out over the naturopath. I really wanted the naturopath to work out but she wasn’t nearly as helpful as the conventional doctor. And let me say, this conventional doctor is by far the most unconventional one I have ever seen because she is treating my whole person not just a couple of target areas. Holy cow! I have never had a doctor like her before… and did I mention I love her?

And now… blood tests…



6 thoughts on “ummm…. have you tried the bean dip?

  1. I’m glad you found a doctor that you love. Too bad you had to get the Naturopath to eat bean dip please tell me that it wasn’t the healthy kind (snicker). Does the Bach flower rescue remedy really work? I’ve never heard of it before

  2. Well life is full of surprises, aren’t they? I’ve always looked for a DO rather than an MD, but have found on some occasions that the MD has been more wholistic than the DO.

    I don’t like drugs, but if I don’t do my allergy meds I feel HORRIBLE. I hate the dependence, but what to do? There are children that need caring for. I’m glad you’re getting taken care of. I hope you feel better soon! Take care.

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