Ok, I feel better now…

I was trying to post these pics yesterday for those of you that are not interested in noncrafty entries. I am not offended if you don’t want to read about my medical challenge… it isn’t very crafty at all 😉 Blogger was being a bit temporamental and wouldn’t publish my pictures. (I still appreciate that it is a great service for the price.)

This is a raglan sweater I’m whipping up for my son. He is about to outgrow the last sweater I knit for him (which was actually the first sweater I knit successfully). I was going to do the sleeves in the round with dpns but I don’t have the right size. I could use the magic loop method but I have found those neato tricks don’t work very well for me (but I know people that swear by them and that’s cool too).

The neck is wonky because I am putting in shoulder buttons. The boy has a head that requires a bit more ease than the average child his age. (There is a seriously wonderful brain in that head, I like to give it the respect it deserves hence button openings on the shoulder.)

The odd looking detached thingy on the side of the sweater is my first attempt at a Waldorf-style doll head. It’s not going very smoothly but I think I will get it, especially if I ever get my hands on some wool stuffing. I’m using something called EcoSnow because the town I live in is bereft of good supplies for serious crafters. (It is a great place to raise children though, I don’t want to knock it completely.) Internets, here I come.

And look at this picture my son took recently! I find it simply stunning that a 3yo took this kind of picture. (Ok, I know I am biased toward everything he does but that’s my perogative, I’m his mama.)

Edited to add:

I keep forgetting to confirm that the mystery knit was indeed Clapotis. For you nonknitters (or new to knitting), do an internet search and you will find that almost every blogging knitter has done the Clap. I resisted for a long time but you know I had the cursed yarn that needed a project… it worked out really well. Clapotis was sort of a boring knit (lots of stockinette) but the results! the results are so elegant, I love it.


5 thoughts on “Ok, I feel better now…

  1. You gotta respect the brain. I have a large-headed child as well – lots of tears when taking off his hoodie! And his eyes – what a great picture he took!

    I think it’s amazing that you knit your little guy a sweater. How many years of knitting until you were able to do something like that? Please don’t say 6 months – I need some encouragement here.

  2. Oh, this sweater is so cute already! And I absolutely adore the pic your little one did, it’s really artsy! He’ll be a big photographer if he continues that way!

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