Winter coat and Spring flowers

I made a winter coat for my poodle, Coffee. She is all of 5+ pounds so she gets cold in a hurry.

I pulled out one of my old felted wool sweaters, chopped the arms off, and fit the collar around her. Then because she is a froufrou dog, I embroidered the sweater.

No, that isn’t an “S” despite what MC thinks. (It is an unfortunate choice of curves that ended up looking like a backward “S”.)

The belly shot shows how the band goes up under her forearms but doesn’t cover any delicate areas that need to be taken outside to do its business if you get my drift.

And finally, the begging pose that says “Please take this wool monster thingy off me!”.
(Note that the tongue is hanging out.)

And Spring as arrived in my garden!

Louis Philippe (antique rose)

Mock Orange

Rain lilies


11 thoughts on “Winter coat and Spring flowers

  1. how fantastic! me and my brother used to put a black LEVI t-shirt onto our german shepard… only for decorative reasons.

    Superb. The best dressed dog in town.

  2. Lucky little frou-frou dog you have! Her little sweater is cute, and so smart of you to prpurpose one of your own. The embroidery is beautiful.
    What’s up with the flowers in your garden? Don’t they know that winter is on the horizon?

  3. I had forgotten that my mom made our little dog a jacket. You did a nice job, and even though the dog can’t tell you, I’m sure she appreciates not just the warmth, but all the embroidery! Very nice – and practical on the under side!

  4. That poodle sweater is too cute! I was thinking last night about making a dog sweater for my cat. He is a compulsive groomer and has his back in a mess. He weighs 17lbs, so a small size dog sweater should do the trick. I put one of my son’s old t-shirts on him the other day. He hated it, but it kept him from licking. Only problem was his feet kept getting caught in the “belly” part, and I thought he may hurt himself.

  5. Now, what is cuter, the poodle or the sweater? Your little furry one looks so sweet in it, and I totally love the embroidery on the sweater/coat!
    And I’m totally amazed by your flowers, what a lovely touch of color in a time that’s supposed to be cold and gray and rainy!

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