Weekend of the Tote

I made these bags this past weekend. I have had the bags designed in my head for a while now so I thought it would be a good idea to get them out of my head.

I plan to list these either in my webstore or on Etsy. The work is never done though… each bag needs to be pressed, primped, and rephotographed. The backdrop needs to be pressed… the list is never done. Sometimes I think getting items listed is more labor intensive than actually making them.

The last set of bags includes my favorites. I really like the way the blue and brown bag turned out. I wish I had saved the fabric with roses and birds (Hollywood Vines) for decorative pillows.

Here’s an efficiency tip for production… when making multiple items, make them the same size and the same color tone. That way you cut out a lot of repetitive work like cutting and changing thread color.


11 thoughts on “Weekend of the Tote

  1. I love the blue/brown bag too, how gorgeous. Any more of that fabric to make another, only kidding. I love reading your blog, and I like the story of being able to do some things without your 3 yr old son. My daughter is 5 and still acts like that, never wanting to be left at nan and pop’s house, always wanting to come with us, and always has to be in the middle of us. Sometimes I think I did something wrong in bringing her up, my son was never like that. I will keep reading, and by the way your son is a real cutie too.

  2. Wow – you sure were productive! Nice job! They are pretty and a nice design. Those are some good tips, although I don’t know if my brain could manage thinking about 6 bags at the same time!

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