Vexed or hexed?

Oh, Blogger, how thou doest vex mine head and heart!!!

I couldn’t make any new posts last week after the bags of Monday. I have nothing else to say about Blogger… for now.

I did end up listing the bags on Etsy… the link is up on the right. And Etsy isn’t working so well this past week either since they went to V2. That is “V2” as in “vexed too”. Really, it should be “H2” for “hexed too”. And that is all I’m saying about Etsy… for now.

After today, I will be away from the internets until next week. I’m visiting my brother for the day of feasting and gorging. I’m sure there will be a cheesecake involved as well as all the traditional Thanksgiving foods.

I am almost done with BC’s plain sweater. And he is going to need it this week! I might have to knit up some emergency mittens too since I can’t find his.

Needs finishing.

I also started a new sweater for myself. Those of you that are knitters may recognize the pattern if you look close enough… (but don’t look so closely that you can see the errors!)

Finally, I won’t be talking about my 3yo BC anymore. I will now talk about my 4yo BC!


7 thoughts on “Vexed or hexed?

  1. Happy birthday, BC! All the very best to him, may all his dreams and wishes come true in this new year of his!
    I really love the white sweater, and your new one looks so beautiful too! I don’t have a chance recognizing the pattern, but you’ll tell us, won’t you? It’s coming along so nicely, and what a gorgeous color you chose for it!

  2. Happy birthday to BC! Four years old is such a cute and care-free age. And that cake looks fantastic! I like your new blue sweater but don’t recognize the pattern.

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