Officially 4 years old

BC turned 4 yo a couple of weeks ago but he wouldn’t acknowledge it until he had his ‘real’ birthday party.  According to him, that was when he turned 4.  So I got busy, planned the party, invited people, and gave the boy a party so he could turn 4.

I was very, very busy last week.

I made dinosaur eggs. Dinosaur eggs

I made 30 beanbags.Beanbags

I made a dinosaur cake. Dinosaur cake

I made myself a wee bit tired… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


10 thoughts on “Officially 4 years old

  1. We had a great time at the party! (Well, until Wakko melted.) Yakko had a delightful time discovering all the treasures in his dinosaur egg, and Wakko likes the bean bags almost as much as I do.

    Happy Birthday BC, and thanks for inviting us!

  2. You you such good Mom! Me, I only buy cake, cookies…. and at the end of the b-party I am freaking out how it was too hard for me (because I couldn’t knit)!

  3. Wow, look at all that! I’ll have to remember these ideas if ever we have a donosaur party.
    Aren’t kids funny? This year Lily kept talking about her “realist” party, and how she wasn’t really 5 until her “realist” party. Go figure.

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