I have a lot on my plate, and I love it!

I have miles to go before I’m done with this wintry sweater.*


This is the first sleeve of the Norah Gaughan sweater I’m knitting for myself. I went with a full-length sleeve instead of the elbow length NG designed. I am halfway done with the second sleeve. Then I have to block, crochet, sew together, and I’ll have a sweater! Knitting is fun but all that finishing can be a chore… whew!

I sold the popular brown and blue tote/handbag through my store at Etsy. I included a tissue pouch as a thank you gift. I’m still dancing the happy dance.


These are the fabrics I’m working with for another bag client. All Amy Butler fabrics. This is definitely a fun project because the AB fabrics have so much personality.


Finally, here is a cool ornament that I won in a contest from Two Lime Leaves. Can you believe the presentation, so pretty! It is even prettier in person (my photo sucks). And look at that handwriting, beautiful! You should check out Kirsty’s blog, she is very talented.


*Poor use of Robert Frost


7 thoughts on “I have a lot on my plate, and I love it!

  1. I love that sweater, but also would prefer long sleeves–that’s great that you figured that out! The bag is adorable! And what a cute little ornament!

  2. Tell me about finishing chore! Yak! That’s why I am more and more in top-down knitting!
    Congrats on etsy sale!! Bag is amazing! And that tissue pouce is perfect gift – you gave me an idea for one x-mas present!

  3. Great job selling the bag! Those AB fabrics go so well together. My AB love is slowly being taken over by Heather Bailey’s stuff. Have you seen it? SOOO pretty…a bit more tame than AB.

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