Virtual @$$ Kicking, please pardon my language

The holidays have kicked my tush. More importantly, Sandra has promised to kick my tush if I didn’t post soon. So here I am.

My sweet BC received his usual flood of gifts this year. We tried to hide half of it for later in the year when he is bored with the first half. This year he made a mental list of every toy, and has specifically named each toy when he realized it was missing. So the closet is empty of new toys. I’m going to have to have a sitdown with BC and explain that no new toys will be incoming until some of the old ones have gone to new homes. He has an active inventory of every toy, dvd, and book he has ever owned. I admire both his memory and his tenacity.

I have also been busy with making. I like to keep my hands and mind busy with making things when I’m stressed, and the holidays always manage to stress me out. This year, I made 3 bags and knit an entirely new sweater.

January bags

The bags are heading to Canada soon.

January sweater

I only have to weave in the 3.49 gazillion ends, decide on the front closure, and ,voila!, it is done. If only it weren’t wool, I could wear it more than once this winter… that is the problematic downside of knitting in the overheated armpit of the US.

I started my ‘no grain’ (aka ‘specific carb’) diet. It would probably work better if I could cut out the sugar. Being chronically sleep-deprived, I need it (and caffeine) to keep going. I have also been craving chocolate ice cream. If I did one of those ‘list weird things about yourself’ memes that are going around, you would know that I am not addicted to chocolate or ice cream. When I asked MC to go to the store specifically for chocolate ice cream, the man’s jaw hit the floor. I’m pretty sure it was caused by a magnesium deficiency but he was convinced I was pregnant. I’m not… pregnant, that is. I started taking magnesium supplements again and the chocolate cravings are gone.

Exercise is also on my list of things to do. I have spent the last couple of months pretty much postrate on whatever horizontal surface I could find because of the end effects of uncontrolled allergies and the flu. Suddenly exercising was an eye opener. And a muscle hurter. Ouch.

Did you know that one of the reasons people are getting fatter by the minute is that we don’t walk anymore? In the olden days, before drive-thru Starbucks, people walked an average of 5 miles a day (which is approximately 10,000 steps). I would be hard pressed to say that I walk more than a half-mile a day now… I used to walk everywhere. Walking is on my agenda this year. In fact, I’m going to go get dressed now and drag the dog on a walk!


10 thoughts on “Virtual @$$ Kicking, please pardon my language

  1. Oh Cathy, those purses you made are so pretty! Knitting still boggles my mind. How one can knit an entire sweater, I’ll never know.

    Good luck on your diet. I think I’d go a little batty trying that, but I’m sure it would be good for me. It really scares me to look around and see how overweight (myself included) people are today. So much of what we do keeps us sedentary. And kids – it’s so sad to see so many overweight kids. It really is a challenge to keep myself active (which I’m not). I’ve been plugging away on my exercise bike, but it’s only a drop in the bucket. My bod could use way more physical activity than that. But hey, it’s a start, right?

  2. I’m trying to cut back, too, and walk on my treadmill at least five days a week, 2 miles a shot. I’d like to get a VCR that works so I can start my step aerobics again. Both of our VCRs eat tapes. The workouts I have that I like aren’t available on dvd the last I checked her site.

  3. Wow – three bags AND a WHOLE sweater? You must have been REALLY stressed. I like to sew when I’m stressed, too. Actually finishing a project just does wonders for my stress level. When I worked in Taiwan and had to take public transportation everywhere, I got a taste of walking a lot every day. I lost weight and breathed better within weeks (except for the pollution). I had to walk 10-15 minutes to my bus stop and then again after I was dropped off. This week, I’ve managed to go on hour-long walks with the boys twice! It’s been so nice to get out. Hopefully they’ll pick up the pace as they get older. :o) I really want to create a culture of activity in our family so that they’ll never feel like exercising is a drag.

    Good luck on the diet and exercise! I’m glad you’re feeling better -the flu is bad, bad, bad!

  4. Those bags are amazing. Love the fabric you used. We have an overabundance of toys in our house too. I hear you on the inventory business–kids don’t miss a thing, do they?

    Good luck on the exercise. We all need more…

  5. My gosh, you’ve been so productive! These bags are absolutely amazing, and what a totally gorgeous sweater! There’s definitely a gazillion ends to weave in – but hey, the result will be so worth it!
    I whole-heartedly agree with you, people just don’t walk anymore, and then they’re complaining about pains and ailments and sore backs and weight gain and and and. Of course there’s other reasons too for all of this, but if we’d all walk more, things wouldn’t be that drastic as they are. I’m a big couch potato myself having my first back pains and stuff now – so mind you, I swore to myself to exercise more this year and, if I don’t make it for any reason, to walk. Just walking – all those places I used to drive, I’ll walk now, and I’m so sure that it’ll help!
    All the very best to you, and good luck on the diet and exercise!

  6. What a GORGEOUS sweater! And those bags are too cute!

    I agree about the walking–I try & walk at least 4 days per week (with the toddler) & I can tell a difference in my body when I’m active. Believe me, you’ll feel better.

  7. I’m on diet, too! Hold my virtual hand!
    Ohhh how I enjoy just the glance on you bags! As soon as I open my bussiness and got any kind of credit card will order one!

    And that sweater – good luck with ends!

  8. Beautiful projects – but memory fails me, when did you slip that sweater in? Walking is excellent, and when I had my heel spur problem, not being able to do my exercise walking started making the pounds creep up – hence the new bike. I’m always amazed when reading even modern-day English mystery novels, how much the British seem to walk everywhere rather than drive. And in Jane Austen and the like, those girls routinely covered miles and miles on their own two dantily shod feet!

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