And now for something different

Are you getting tired of Nantucket yet?  As my son would say, “Sometimes you just go on, and on, and on…”

BC and I went for a walk yesterday.  It was sunny, summer weather. We took the dog for a short loop around the neighborhood, ditched her at the house, then headed off to the park.  While we were walking BC was admiring the dandelions.  We are both great fans of dandelions.  He picked a few, blew on them, picked some more, blew the seeds away, and repeated this activity until we got home.

BC: “Ahhh… there is nothing like a danderline to cheer people up!  When you are upset, mama, I’m going to give you some danderlines.”

Awww…. isn’t he just the sweetest little 4-year old?

Later that day, at home in the kitchen…

BC: “What are these curtains you are wearing?”

Me: “Not curtains, silly.  It is a skirt.”

BC:  ….

Me: “You don’t like this skirt?”

BC:   “I like your other skirt.”

Everyone is a critic.  That curtain is now in the scrap heap.


5 thoughts on “And now for something different

  1. I must say that “I like your other skirt.” is so telling. It says that he’s polite; he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings; he knows the difference between honesty and hurting someone’s feelings. What a sweet boy you have. And in my opinion, when a curtain ends up in the scrap heap, you can always make a purse out of it. :o)

  2. Damn, missed one post! Sorry! Are you tired of Nuntucker?
    Now, skirt! AH kids! You should hear what mine can tell just to try to change my mind! And talking about curtains – many years ago my mom sewed a shirt out of curtain – that was my favourite one for many years!

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