Angels and dreams

You will have to excuse my little blog-cation. I was busy making sofa angels.

sofa angel

See my nest? I became one with the sofa last week and it shows. I didn’t take this picture. No, you need a 4yo to document this kind of observation… I made an angel with my tush.

I made something else too:

Pink Cowgirl Sock

Something good came out of my oneness. A pair of socks! Pink socks, just for me.

Pattern: IK Winter 2006, Cowgirl Slipper Socks
Yarn: Auracania Nature Wool
Needles: Size 7, metal dpns

I loved the way the lace pattern sort of hangs on the ankle.

If you knit this sock, make sure you get the corrections online from IK. Also, for the last round of lace, I think it looks better with 5 rounds of st st before the lace.  (It took me forever to figure out why I thought the second sock looked better than the first, it came down to a one-row mistake.)

As with every other pattern I knit, I had to modify the shaping. The toe decreases didn’t work for me. I ripped back the first sock 3 times before I found a decrease that worked. And then I didn’t write it down… so knitting the second sock didn’t go as smoothly as it should have. I think I need a stitch marker that has a hanging notebook. Or would that be too big for the needles?

Then I started knitting a second pair of socks. Dipsy Doodle sent me a pattern which I thought was lovely (both the pattern and her generosity). And while I loved the lace pattern of the sock, the fit was way off for my malformed feet. So I ripped. Then I spilled my drink on the pattern. And then I gave up. I might try again but I will have to rewrite the pattern.

Speaking of rewriting patterns… that is my current frustration. I have looked and looked for patterns to knit that wouldn’t require me to think think think. Sometimes, just sometimes, I like that challenge of rewriting but other times, most times, I want mindless mindful knitting. I want a challenging pattern that fits my hourglass figure. I want a pattern that fits my long torso. I want a sock pattern that fits my wide toes, high instep/arch, heels, and deep ankles.

Does that sound odd? “Deep ankles”? My ankles are as deep as my toes are wide. They aren’t big from the front but they are from the side.

Anyway, I have cast on, ripped out, recast, and reripped till I am ready for a thinking knitter’s vacation. If I find a pattern that I don’t have to rethink and rewrite, I might pick up my needles again but in the meantime, I am going to fondle my yarn stash and dream of perfect patterns.


5 thoughts on “Angels and dreams

  1. Honey, you are back!!!!!! And just today I was thinking about another one kick in your ass! Ass or not, but tushy angel is just like mine! AWWWWWW!
    Love sock! And so far I’ve never followed written pattern!

  2. Awww, the sock you did is so gorgeous, lovely pattern as well as the colourway! But hey, my friend, what kind of problems did you have with the pattern I sent you? May I help you with it? If it’s the fit, I can re-write it for you, or with any other question you have – just give me a holler, okay?

  3. I feel the same way about clothing patterns, and I don’t even have the knowlege to adapt them. So I’ve practically given up trying. Maybe one day when I have nothing else on my list to sew I’ll give it a try again. Maybe you should give a try at writing your own patterns – Deep Ankles knitting. It has a nice ring to it. :o)

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