Off the sofa, onto the hot seat

I’m not on the love seat anymore. Now I’m on the couch… the sick couch. BC and I both have heavy duty head colds. Yesterday, it was my throat, today my sinuses are promising to explode. That, and there is a knife lodged in my head, placed there by the current weather change (aka, migraine). I should have that removed.

After my little rant about not having patterns that suit me to a tee, I decided to come up with a basic sock that would fit my wonky feet. It would also give me a really good idea about how to reshape other socks. Here I am diligently applying my craft:

Sock knitting
“Dreaming of cheesecake”

I love toe-up socks because you can try them on and get a better idea of the fit than ankle-down socks.

Trying on the sock

“Looks a little short”

Here are the results of the sock trial:

Top of the sockside of the sock

“Stripes, lace, ruffles… oh my!”

The sock is very fitted. There are decreases after the toe box because my foot gets narrower there. Then it increases again to accommodate my high instep.  I put all the increases on the sole so that the extra stitches would be there for shaping around my deep heel.

I did too many turns on the short row heel, so there is some gapping on the arch and at the point of the heel. Sock #2 will have fewer turns to see if this is true. There are several decreases on the ankle but there could have been more.

The frill is there because I wanted to experiment with ruffles. And indeed, it is ruffled!

Shaping socks like this is tricky.  I certainly feel for all the designers out there that feel the heat for better patterns.  Feet come in all shapes and sizes, it isn’t easy to accommodate them when you are designing a sock with lace, cables, or ribbing.

I think we can safely say the same is true of bodies and sweaters… but I still wish there were more designs made specifically for hour-glass shapes.   And since I’m wishing, how about some models that have hour-glass shaping?  hmmm?


6 thoughts on “Off the sofa, onto the hot seat

  1. You have been making the cutest socks, and I am especially impressed that you designed the ruffly ones! I’m tempted to make the cowgirls since they must work up fast on size 7’s. Hope you and BC are feeling better – take it easy!

  2. I so agree about the models, I’m so sick and tired of all these starved skeletons – I want to see *real* women wearing *real* clothes!
    Your new socks are absolutely gorgeous, what a great detail the ruffles are! And these colours rock big time, so happy and cheerful!
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still not feeling well – I’m here with you, sick as a dog too – so let’s both head onto our couches or sofas or love seats or wherever, knit a bit and get well soon!

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