The good news is that I finished the socks, using up more stash yarn. The not-so-good news is that I ran out of the wool sock yarn and had to finish with what appears to be (and worse… feels like) acrylic fingering weight yarn. Oops! Haha. At least the yellow matches… sorta.

I used fewer short-row turns on the second heel. I forgot to add length to the instep to compensate for the shorter heel. So the second sock is just a smidge short. That’s ok, these are experimental house socks.

Also, good news is that I am almost over the most annoying cold in history. Each symptom has come individually… why not all at once? Then I would be over it. Really good news is that I haven’t had a migraine since the last one. But I have had bad sinus headaches. The kind that make you want to put your head down because your neck is tired of holding 20lbs of mucous (sorry).

I haven’t been doing much crafting since I finished the socks because of the virus. But I feel the sewing bug kicking in. I cut out a bag today. I need to run by a certain crafts store to find the right handles. They are rearranging the store and the handles have been put away “somewhere in the back”. Too bad for me because the handles are on sale right now. Arg.

I’m also feeling the quilting bug again. I want to use my AB fabrics but I only have enough for a lap quilt. Or, I can put the quilt idea aside again and make more bags from the fabrics. Quilt or bags? What do you think?

Gotta run… BC “really wants” me.


7 thoughts on “Doh!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so bad lately – it seems almost everyone around blogland is battling one bug or another these days, me included ;( I hope you’ll be feeling much better soon, all the very best to you!
    And I really love your socks, these colours are so happy and cheerful, perfect for spring that’ll hopefully be coming soon!

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