Blue Monday

cut liningcut fabric
fabric stacklining

You know, I feel like I am blogging more often than I really am. Maybe it is because I spend a good part of my morning reading other blogs and commenting… that takes a goodly amount of time. I enjoy this time with my online “friends”. I love seeing what you are doing. For some reason, that feels like blogging to me and now I realize that I am spending less time on my blog and more time ‘out there’. I don’t want to stop reading other blogs, I don’t. I think what I need to do is set a schedule for my own blog and try to stick to it. What do you think? Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? More as needed.

The pictures above represent a couple of things happening here in Chez Caboodle. The first is that I am trying to get some more bags done. Some I will list on Etsy, others will be gifts. At least one will be mine because I burned the fabric while working on it! ARG! That is the other thing this pile represents: frustration.

Major venting/whining ahead: please proceed with caution and bring cheese (or just skip to your next blogroll link).

I have been trying to do several things in my life and crafting, and none of it seems to be panning out. I have ripped out hours and hours of knitting projects several times. I have had to resew several things including bags. You would think I would have my standard bag down to an art (so to speak). I should be able to put one together without making glaring errors but I do make the errors. My seam ripper is getting dull. My lack of attention on these things is distressing to me… am I really so distracted?

Also, I have been trying to get my weight under control since I got over the flu in early January… I would have started in December if I hadn’t gotten sick. Now, six weeks later, I am actually bigger. My diet has been better than ever, I am exercising more than I have done in over 2 years. And I have been sick for 2 weeks now. BC has been sick too, capping it off with a major ear infection starting last Thursday… this virus just won’t give up!

I have been in my jammies since Saturday night. I would have spent all of Saturday in them but I had a prior commitment. I have to take them off in a couple of hours again for an appointment or I would stay in them today as well.

Yep, I got the blues. But just in case you think I have the bottom of the whine barrel and can’t get out, I have a plan. Yes, a plan:

1. Up the amount of exercise I’m doing but bring down the intensity so I won’t burnout.
2. Cut out most sugar. Send me some strength on this one, I am an addict.
3. Cut out most wheat… again. I had a total relapse since I have been sick.
4. Think ahead on projects… write down the steps I need to take.
5. Get out of these jammies!

If you have any recommendations for this list, I’m open.

That’s it for now. I’m out of whine. Thanks for listening if you made it this far!


13 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. Everybody gets the blues sometimes. It sounds like you have a good plan to get out of them though! Remember, mountaintops don’t feel so high unless there are valleys around them.

  2. My advice is to simply take one thing at a time. When I started back with WW, I first committed myself to one week. Yes, it was a HARD week, but I did it. It’s hard not to think long term, but I find that breaking things down to little bits makes it easier.

  3. argh! get rid of your wheat and gluten — seriously. my husband lost 20 pounds in the first six weeks of going gluten free.

    of course, men do have wrongly freakish metabolisms, but still. twenty! pounds!

  4. Your seam ripper is getting dull?? Woman, this is a Crafting Emergency!!!! I think you need a Guaranteed Success Project to get you back in the Crafty Groove. You know – something little that cannot possibly fail. Yeah. And get rid of the gluten, like Laura said.

  5. I’m with you there on the blues. I got ’em big time. Hope yours turns around soon! I think mine’s gonna get worse. I haven’t lost any weight so far this year, either, even though I treadmill every day or almost. That depresses me, too. You’ve got some beautiful materials there! Gonna make some nice bags.

  6. Your goals sound reasonable and like they will help you out of the doldrums. (I do love jumping in my jammies at the end of the day!) Don’t beat up on yourself if you can’t do it all at once though. Here’s hoping your crafting speed bumps smooth out soon too!

  7. Well, I would start with number 5 first! Wheat are OK as long as they are whole wheat! Agree with sugar! And since I am on diet too – I know how you feel since I have never loose amy miligram beeing sick- we are phenomenon, honey!

  8. Oh my gosh, do I hear you. Seriously, I could have written this list today, except for the jammies part because I actually got dressed. Had it been yesterday, however….

    Sounds like a great plan! One step at a time – you’ll start getting back in the groove before you know it.

  9. Oh, poor you! I totally feel with you, knowing that feeling when the blues sets in so well. But you’re doing great already, you’re not sitting down drowning in self pity like I usually do – in the contrary, you’re up and making plans and mind you, this is the best thing you can do in such a situation, really – and I do admire you for that!
    Your plan sounds very good too, except for #5 – nothing’s wrong with the jammies 😉 Now, if you’re following this plan one step at a time, you’ll be feeling much, much better soon, I’m sure about that! I do have my fingers crossed for you about the sugar- and wheat- thing – but if you have a relapse, don’t fret over it too much, accept it as it is and just continue with following your plan – and you’ll be doing fine!
    Sending lots of good thoughts and positive vibes over to you across the big pond!

  10. Wow, you’ve had it hard and I’ll bet all the seam-ripping is due to your being sick. I make all kinds of mistakes (like forgetting to put a pocket on the bag until it’s too late) and am full of distractions and the inabililty to concentrate and I think, Is this what getting old is all about? Then the next day I’m sick. And after a few days, my organizational mind is back. I hope this is the case with you and your blues will pass. And WHOA! 20 lbs of mucus? That’s gotta be some kind of record. I’ve only ever topped out at 18.24 lbs. :o)

  11. Honey, I can totally relate to everything you said. I would be in my PJs too, if I didn’t have to drive my kid to preschool every morning. I need to quit with the sugar in my coffee and tea too. Baby steps….

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