Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is the update on my plan:

1. I exercised yesterday… check.

2. Sugar… ummm, it is Valentine’s and, ummm, I’m eating my candy… then no sugar. In the meantime, I have stopped putting sugar in my coffee and tea. And that may be more significant than you think at first glance.

3. Wheat… starting a no-wheat day today.

4. Think ahead… well, that is going to be a work in progress.

5. Jammies… I did change out of my jammies the last two days. But for all you jammy lovers, I want you to know that I got right back into them after dinner. I mean, it’s ok to wear your jammies to be comfy just not all day.

Kirsten, from Two Lime Leaves, cracked me up with her comment: “this is a Crafting Emergency!!!! I think you need a Guaranteed Success Project to get you back in the Crafty Groove.”

So I took her Emergency Crafting advice and started a small project that will be a Guaranteed Success. Behold the start:


But first I had to fix this:

sewing machine

Boy Caboodle was “sewing” yesterday. He selected his fabric, started sewing (he uses the handwheel), and jammed the machine. Then the little scientist wanted to observe the insides of the machine while it was working. After that, he attempted to fix the jam by cutting the thread in 3 or 4 places that could not possibly do that. My little gem, he really enjoys sewing! Fortunately, I have a heavy duty old-fashioned machine that can tolerate a 4 yo’s abuse (and a much older woman’s abuse!). Uh oh, he’s fixing the camera now.


7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. You are my inspiration! No sugar in your coffee? For crying out loud – you are a woman of great fortitude and strength.

    Looking forward to witnessing your “emergency craft” success. 🙂

  2. Wow – great going on your plan. I forgot to mention on your last post that I struggle with blogging as well. I just can’t keep up, you know? Sometimes I need to take control of the blogging thing before it takes over me. I’m down to posting about once a week now and it’s been a big relief to not have to post as much, but still there’s so much keeping up to do with reading – which I love, but don’t really have the time for. I think a schedule is a good idea…

    And good for you teaching BC to sew! One day soon, Timo will get the chance. :o)

  3. Valentines Day is made for eating candy unashamedly! Hey, at least it doesn’t contain wheat. Lucky for me, I like my tea black and my coffee with milk/no sugar. If I accidentally sip my husband’s sweetened coffee – yuck!
    It’s nice that BC wants to share his mom’s interests, despite the occasional setback.

  4. Yay for Boy Caboodle – he impresses me big time! And hey, please don’t feel bad for eating candies, that’s what Valentine’s Day is for – indulging in all these goodies and not even give a single thought to all that sugar and fat and calories!

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