Recipe for messy

No, these aren’t messy. They are purty!


This isn’t messy either. It is part 2 of the Guaranteed Success Project:

GSP part 2

I wish I had a picture of messy to show you. I do have the recipe:

3 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
2 tbsp oil
2 metal mixing bowls
2 four-year old boys
1 glass table
1 broom
1 roll paper towels
4 cloth towels
1 smattering patience of a saint

Not that I’m calling myself saintly mind you but I did have to include patience in the recipe. BC and his buddy spent 1.5 hours making play dough yesterday (amazing). Then they spent 15 minutes exploding it. Their concentration was intense, their play was more intense. Let’s just say I didn’t expect this to be a clean activity.

The list:
1. exercise check… and, ouch!
2. sugar… getting closer
3. wheat… this is a really hard one, isn’t it?
5. jammies are getting less wear


8 thoughts on “Recipe for messy

  1. Stay away from that playdo – it contains wheat! (I confess I used to snack on the yummy wheatless commercial brand in Kindergarten.) I’m sure the boys had great fun!

  2. you know, there should be a list-a-long…
    I would go for:
    1- absolutely no chocolate
    2- absolutely no wheat
    3- only 4 hours/day for blogging (not being currently employed and having dsl at home can really get to you!)
    4- exercise something other than fingers (keyboard/mouse)
    but who am i kidding?
    But you stay strong there! Give me reason to hope!

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