It’s Wednesday!

Yes, I took Monday off. It was President’s day and there was a sale that I had to attend.

I’ve been working on an old project. In 2 days, I managed to embroider 2 brown eyes and one pink mouth… the speed of my craft frightens me.

doll head

Yes, it is a misshapen head with no body or hair. And what you can’t see in this picture is that I’m throttling what neck the doll has… yeah, that felt good after being woken up by my 4yo’s tantrum this morning. A tantrum that I couldn’t roll over and ignore since BC had climbed into my bed to give me the full impact. Nothing was really wrong with him except for a serious case of sleep deprivation. You would think that he would sleep when he was tired but you would be wrong… he started life as a nonsleeper. I’m afraid that is a pattern that is not going to change. The situation could have been improved if MC had made some coffee for me before he escaped into the shower, or let the dog out, or warned me of the impending tantrum, or shot me with a “said a give“.

By the way, BC is happily playing with his trains now. Maybe the fates will quit toying with me today and he will take a nap this afternoon. It could happen!*

*aka perpetually misplaced optimism


6 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. Happy wednesday! My wednesday was FUL – dantist’s, hair dresser and something hurted my left ear that is now swollen! Plus younger daughter is refusing to go sleep! Just shoot me!

  2. Oy! Now, well – I have to go with Sheri here, I also had certain thoughts when I saw that pic, before I read what it is – and you don’t want to know that šŸ˜‰

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