She’s a girl! … not a derriere or a goiter.

Here is the doll standing up. Her shirt is a little crooked because I couldn’t get her prepped and hold the cat back at the same moment.

standing doll

Here she is sitting….

get out of the way, MARBLE!

Marble getting into the action

Good boy.

Here she is sitting.

sitting doll

Look at the frown she is giving the cat. Only 1 day old and she is already a drama queen.

Speaking of drama queens, the little girl that I gave dolly to loved her. Then she took off all the doll’s clothes and threw the naked doll at my dog. Yep, that’s a sure sign of love if I ever saw one.


9 thoughts on “She’s a girl! … not a derriere or a goiter.

  1. She looks great! And healthy, too – all healed up from her bout with the goiter. And you knit up that little sweater, didn’t you and sewed those itty-bitty pant leg seams? I like her hair as well. Nicely done, Cathy!

  2. Now, what a totally awesome and unique doll this is – I absolutely love her, especially her cool hair and these adorable pants! And your Marble rocks big time – are there any pets more curious than cats? I highly doubt that! 😉

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