felted bag

That’s how I feel this week… felted.

One of my doctors put me on something new (new to me) to help with insomnia. Unfortunately, it backfired. It didn’t help me sleep any better at night and it made me so groggy during the day that I could barely lift one foot in front of the other.

I’m still detoxing and catching up on lost sleep. My brains are fuzzy felted wool.

By the way, I have to reblock the opening of the felted bag. I didn’t use pins so it came out a bit wobbly. Like me. Ha!


4 thoughts on “Felted

  1. Hi KC, I found your blog from Kirstin’s Twolimeleaves…I know her from when she was in NZ and lived in this area.
    I enjoyed your blogs that I have read. Being a crafter myself
    I can relate to your work. Well done.
    Do encourage your son BC but perhaps he needs more tuition.
    By son started sewing at an early age making army uniforms for his teddies and furry toys. In December at age 33 he married. They had a renaisonce wedding and I am proud to say my son made most of the 40 costumes the guests wore. His wife is a Textile teacher and he is a student. They make a great team. The whole occasion was amazing and they worked hard to make it a memorable occassion..right down to the wild flower medow which they planted for the ceremony.
    Keep up the good work. Hey and don’t worry about the sleeping as that makes it worse. My son stopped sleeping in the day at about 18 months old but in his 20’s announced everyone should have two sleeps a day. Now I’m in my mid life …well sometimes I sleep and sometimes I have all night to plan my next project. Sooner or later you will sleep [as I promised my son as I rocked him].
    A stitchin’sister, Gillian

  2. Oh yeah – I’ve felt felted before. There was an allergy drug I was taking that kept me tired for 24 hours! I walked around in a fog. Insomnia is YUCKY! I’ve had a couple times in my life when I went through a couple of months with it. Looking back, I think it was stress-related, but at the time, it made the days really hard.

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