I bet you thought I was done!

But no! I have more.

red stripe bag

This is a felted bag that has been in my mind for … oh, I don’t know… eons?

red stripe bag

The pins are holding it into the position I want it to be when I finish it.

red stripe bag

In my mind it was supposed to be tote bag size. I had to felt it twice.

I fell asleep during cycle two… oops. Now it is a cute, fuzzy minibag!


7 thoughts on “I bet you thought I was done!

  1. This bag is totally cute, absolutely – I really love the striping and the colours you used – and you even had a good sleep while you felted it, how great is that? 😉

  2. wow, you’ve been busy. All those bags… they look fantastic. How do you get them to be so smooth? Is that something to do with the iron hole?

    I like the little fuzzy clutch bag!

  3. Isn’t that the beauty of felting? I’ve had mini bags too! And bags that don’t really look like bags… That’s what I like about felting…the mystery! :o) Although having kids distracting me isn’t helping my success rate.

  4. Look at you and all your bags lately. You are a machine! I like your minibag. Minibags are great b/c they keep you from hauling too much junk around.

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