Energized bunny

Another post without pictures.  I’m sorry, I should start taking pictures of the dog for these posts!

In response to my post about my health, one person commented that she thought getting 40% carbs in my diet would be hard without wheat and sugar.  It certainly is! I gravitate to fruit and grains automatically.  This diet is not too bad once you get a picture in your head what it is supposed to be like.  Each meal comes down to lots of veggies, a typical serving of protein, and some fat (apparently it is better to overestimate fat than underestimate it).  I can fit in fruit, legumes, and grains as long as they don’t take over the diet. My hardest meal of the day is breakfast, I traditionally eat carbs in the morning.  This week, I ended up switching my midmorning snack with breakfast because figuring out a balanced Zone meal was too hard on my sleepy brain.  Today, I actually had breakfast first.

Caffeine is supposed to be a no-no but you can only give up so much in a short period of time… I’m still drinking either coffee or tea.  The cool thing is that I don’t want as much caffeine as I used to want.  I also haven’t been craving sweets… pms kind of affected that one day, I had frozen yogurt.  But then I was right back in the saddle by the next meal.

In the Zone, you go meal to meal.  Each meal you are either in the zone or you are not… you make minor adjustments to your meals according to how you feel after your last meal.  However, I never have to eat less because I overdid the last meal. You start with a clean slate every meal.

There was  another comment about Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.  The answer to that is that my body temperature is lower than average.  The idea is that if your average body temperature is too low, the enzymes that convert T4 to T3 (thyroid hormones) don’t work very well.  WTS is another one of those syndromes that doctors passionately, or disdainfully, disagree on.  My doctor leans toward being conservative so I didn’t even discuss the WTS protocol (treatment with T3) with him.  I feel better on Synthroid (synthetic T4) so I’m not going to push him.  If I have more problems with my thyroid in the future, I will probably have to change doctors.  I already have another name lined up just in case.

I have so much more energy now compared to the last 6 months.  I attribute this mostly to treatment with Synthroid (hypothyroid) and then partly to changing my diet.  Do I have as much energy as I had 10 years ago? I don’t think so but then again I was 10 years younger and I didn’t have a child!


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