“Can I eat this?”


I said I would include pictures of the dog when I have no crafting content but I’m giving you the cat… he is so much more cooperative *snort*.  I got this shot as he was sniffing the camera.  He can’t imagine why I would be fussing with this inanimate thing… it doesn’t smell like food, and it doesn’t stroke his fur. It doesn’t even scratch his chin when he rubs on it.

My creative bones have taken a short hiatus. On Monday, I made bread for the first time ever! 100% whole wheat bread at that… and it wasn’t nearly as dense as I expected. I would have taken pictures but I was too busy inhaling all that wheat and gluten.

(I didn’t actually eat all that bread.)

Did you know that the intense smell of yeast can be somewhat nauseating?  I could never bake bread for a living.  I suppose there are many professions associated with strong smells that I would avoid if at all possible.

Just a little crafty chit chat:  I am trying to finish my tank top but my crochet skills are wobbly.  I want to write out the pattern and post it for anyone interested, and I want to post a picture of it finished.  Want, want, want!  It is on hold temporarily because I have two commissioned bags in the queue.

Speaking of bags, a friend of mine is starting up an online children’s boutique.  She says “children” but she means girls, there isn’t anything in her line for boys.  Anywho… she wants me to make some bags for her shop!   Exciting and nerve wracking!  She is putting me up against some really big designer names… my hands are getting sweaty just thinking about it.  I may have to break down and get that new sewing machine I have been dreaming about.  My old one is still a hoss but it has some problems that a new machine would solve.

If you have sewing machine recommendations, now is the time to dish!


6 thoughts on ““Can I eat this?”

  1. your precious cat shows a canny resemblance to thom yorke, of radiohead. do you think perhaps they were related in a past life? perhaps he did so well in his former life, some 10 years ago, that now he was awarded with a feline life. is it possible, do you suppose?

  2. I know it’s pricey, but I love Bernina. No really, I do! It sews through everything like butter and I rarely have issues with it.

    Cool that you get to sew some bags for your friend’s shop! I’d be nervous, too, but your bags are great – it’s time you get your name out there. :o)

  3. My gosh, what a cute and beautiful little furry face! Oh, I so agree with you about the smell of yeast – it literally makes me puke whenever I smell it, and yet I so love to bake my own bread! Perhaps one gets used to it after a while – but I think I don’t belong to these people 😉

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