Equal time


Another cat picture! You know what that means… no craftiness.

Frazzle does not like having a camera shoved in her face.  If you went by pictures alone you might think that the white boy cat, Marble, pictured yesterday is friendlier than my black girl cat. And that comparison is WAY off!

Marble never shows his face when strangers are about.  That includes friends that come over frequently… I’ve been accused of lying about cat ownership. Marble won’t even stay in the same room with BC.

Frazzle on the other hand is all sweet and purry, and loves a good ear scratching from even the strangest strangers.  Unless you have dog scent on you, then she gets a bit huffy.  She hates our dog.  She hates all dogs.  I’ve seen all 8 pounds of her attack a huge golden retriever that dared come toward her.  Poor dog just wanted to say ‘hello’ and she went off on him.  I’ve been in human situations like that, I felt sorry for the dog.


5 thoughts on “Equal time

  1. just the sight of this beauty makes me feel better. i had a cat once who looked remarkably like this one. he died young, though. i’m wanting to get a kitten again, but hubby isn’t too happy about it…

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