April fool

I was inspired this weekend while making my latest bag. I was going to make a week-long tutorial (only because it was picture heavy) about my process.

I took tons of pictures.

I carefully went through the pictures for the best.

I then started loading them to Flickr.

Flickr promptly asked me for money.

They weren’t joking…


Frazzle was not pleased…



7 thoughts on “April fool

  1. Huh? I thought Flickr is a free thing? That’s certainly disturbing – I can well imagine that Frazzle and you weren’t amused at all ;( Shame on Flickr!

  2. Yeah the free account at Flickr has a limit to how many photos and sets you can have. But I love my pro account even though I don’t have many photos yet!

  3. I’m sure you know that WordPress doesn’t give you unlimited picture storage either…I’ve been loading everything into WordPress and then a few months ago they started showing the percentage of memory I’ve used before I’ll need to pay. I’m up to 88%. I need to do the flickr thing. But first, I’m going to shrink down some large pictures from my old posts. :o) You might be able to just upload them to WordPress just this once.

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