Getting ready

After a very frenzied couple of days, Frazzle and I had a sit down about the Flickr situation.  I ran out of space on my free account (why oh why does the free well always run dry? ). So, I went in and cleaned out some photos that I considered non-crafty.  Then I went back and deleted some more crafty but redundant photos.  Then I kept only those pictures that were of the utmost and vital craftiness.  After that major purge, I had room to upload my umpteen million bag tutorial pictures.  Frazz’s fur settled down and she let out a mighty purr.

About Flickr… I’m not mad at them.  I have had the account for over a year and a half so I forgot the teensy little detail that you can only display 200 pictures in free accounts.  If you try to upload more than that, Flickr asks you to upgrade to a paid account, and then they will display more than 200.  I really think that a pro account is worth the money.  Soon I will upgrade, because I don’t want to delete my tutorial pictures to make room for future blog pictures.  Frazz would not be pleased.


4 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. Gentlytiptoe was telling me that she had the same problem with flickr too.
    I had lots of frantic emails this morning saying my blog had gone too invited readers only. Anyhow I’ve sorted that out now, and it’s back to normal again. JUst to let you know in case you tiried to visit blog last night. – love Julia x

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