Scout Walker Cozy

scarf and scout walker

BC wanted to show you how his Lego StarWars Scout Walker shoots.

I wanted to show you my mohair scarf.

The pattern is Cat’s Eye from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Barbara Walker.  It is a 4-row pattern for multiples of 4 stitches.

Also, I made the ends of the scarf slightly frilly.  I cast on 3 times the number of stitches in the scarf.  On the first row, I knit two together all the way across.  Then the next row, I knit one, then knit two together, repeating this two stitches all the way across.  The next row starts the main scarf body.

I love how soft and light mohair is but I won’t let it touch my neck or face.  This scarf will only be used under collars or over turtlenecks.  It is beautiful but oh so itchy!


5 thoughts on “Scout Walker Cozy

  1. The scarf looks so light and airy. I have the same issue with mohair – lovely, but can’t wear it without multiple layers. Aaaaw – my son was really into Legos and Star Wars too!

  2. Awesome Scout Walker and amazing scarf! I’m with you here about the itchiness of mohair – I just can’t have it close to my neck or face or I’d get the real horrors. But it’s so beautiful indeed!

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