Funk Wednesday

I have a new tank top on the needles. I don’t have enough yarn for it so I started at the waist. That way if I have enough to complete the top portion, I can go back and add a contrasting yarn on the bottom. If I don’t have enough to finish the top portion, I have to decide if I want to go to the LYS to see if they have the same color lot available. Or I can give the yarn away. I’m leaning toward ditching it.

This tank is an experiment that I have been meaning to do for a while. I have found that most patterns end up fitting me a bit oddly. The red raspberry tank has convinced me that the main problem may be that the distance from my waist to my underarm is much longer than average.

Did you know it is hard to get an accurate measurement of your waist to armpit length without a second set of hands?

I would ask MC but after the Gertie debacle, I just ask him for back massages. He excels at back massages. Let a man glory in his strengths I always say… hehe, or I’m just spoiled and I like back massages.


3 thoughts on “Funk Wednesday

  1. I just saw gertie for the first time. I have a similar issue, and fear of staring it in the face is keeping me from doing a duct tape body double. I was getting dressed this morning and realized my torso looks like one of those fertility idols you see in museums with the highly exaggerated belly and hips. Now, society has led us to believe this is highly exaggerated, but I am speculating that perhaps this is the way middle aged women are entitled to look?

  2. This is of course the perfect way to handle that fact that you might run out of yarn – I will *so* keep this in mind! Fingers crossed that this top will work out – but I’m sure it will!

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