Froggy’s Friday

The experimental tank top is coming along. I realized last night that I didn’t set up the experiment very well… you should only have one or two variables involved in any experiment. Otherwise you have no idea which variable affected the success or failure of the project.

Okay, that is my fancy way of saying that not only did I change the waist to armhole, I changed the shaping by adding more short rows in the breast area, and I changed the shaping of the armscye. And I forgot to start the neck shaping, so I have to rip some of it out.

Off to rip it and knit it!


5 thoughts on “Froggy’s Friday

  1. me neither. but some people in the world have to be “artsy” and “adventurous” instead of “methodical” and “organized”. we are necessary for the world to continue on its track!

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