Parting ways

I sewed the experimental tank top together for an initial fitting.

Just a recap:
1) I started knitting it at the waist because I had only 2 skeins of this particular yarn.
2) Due to previously odd fitting knits, I wanted to see if a longer waist to arm distance would help.
3) I also added in more short rows than I do normally.
4) I did some drastic neck shaping on the back half so that I would have enough yarn to finish.

Here are the preliminary results:

1) When knitting with cotton, remember that it is going to hang lower than other knits because of the weight of cotton. The arm depth could have been an inch shorter. This discrepancy could be due to distortion of the knit fabric by the short rows.
2) More short rows equaled more shapelier shaping which is important for an hour-glass figure.
3) While the waist shaping was right on, the placement of the bust shaping was off. The short rows could have been placed as much as 2 inches below the armpit.

Here is Gertie modeling the tank for me:

You can see where I was pulling the strap up on the shoulder… it fit better that way on my real body. But when I pulled the tank into place, the short rows ended up in the wrong place which created gapping in the material at the armpit.

Gertie is a sway back, so I pushed her over to get a better photo of the back.


I wasn’t happy with what I saw, so Gertie and I had a little discussion after this fitting.

She is supposed to be my body double, my doppleganger. However, with this fitting, I realized that Gertie and I have very little in common. Her chest and hips are smaller than mine. Her waist is huge compared to mine. I have a better posture than she does. My arm to waist length is 4 inches longer than Gertie’s.

Alas, we look nothing alike.

Sadly, we are parting ways….

Gertie was crushed.


13 thoughts on “Parting ways

  1. Oh no! The Caboodle wrath taken out on Gertie! Poor girl. So are you going to make another one? How did it feel to crush your poor swaybacked Gertie. It felt good, didn’t it? :o)

  2. Oh, no! I’m sorry about Gertie. So that is what they mean by a duct tape mannequin. That reminds me, I have to ask my mom what kind of foam she used to make my mannequin.

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